Company capabilities & models

Our key result areas and performances

  • ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT & CHANGE MANAGEMENT- We support organisations in reinforcing their broad human resources and organizational development through the review of organizational structures in line with their strategic business priorities; analysis of current and future organizational shape, organizational layers, levels and spans of control and the related support to the transition process from the old to the new set-up. We also provide support in the management of transformation with particular emphasis on the change leadership and the winning of the hearts and minds of people to the change that has to take place for the organization’s sustainability.

We have developed a simple but effective solution which help organisations to integrate organization design straight through to people performance. Refer diagram below


TransformX further specialize in people impact management processes resulting through organization redesign and have successfully helped organisations to realize their design reviews through best practice people impact process facilitation

  • INTEGRATED PEOPLE PRACTICES AND SOLUTION Organisations who are successful in execution follow through on their strategies by carefully designing and implementing an aligned people architecture which enables integrated people decisions. TransformX, in partnership with strategic partners, help business to simplify the HR world so that the HR Function can act as a valued business partner.
  • STRATEGY / LEADERSHIP AND CULTURE - It is our very respectful opinion that a high-proportion of organisations do not give adequate attention to their strategic development, planning and implementation. “Gut instinct” management is a dying practice and it is only those organisations that do their utmost to predict and plan for the future that will thrive in the uncertain world that we live in.

It is furthermore critical for business to understand the importance to link Strategy with Culture and empower Leaders to act as the pinnacle enabler in connecting the desired performance state with the right behaviours /policies and practices.  We apply performance consulting methodologies in our strategic involvement when entering to ensure that the process of strategy to execution stays simple and proactive. Diagram below refers to this approach.

  • HR DATA AND INFORMATION FRAMEWORKS AND SYSTEMS – Any HR basics start by understanding the data about people. We help HR teams to extract the right data and translate that into business intelligence, so that business can take informed people decisions.
  • TALENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES- is a key driver of business performance and has become a central issue for today’s organisations worldwide. We work with organisations in establishing Talent Management as a key business strategy aimed at identifying, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. This entails the development of talent management philosophy and framework; conducting talent demand and supply analysis and review; talent identification, succession planning, leadership and graduate development.
  • BALANCED SCORECARD - We utilise the Balanced Scorecard as part of our strategic process as we do not see it as a stand-alone product. We do often, however, receive requests to implement or support a Balanced Scorecard within organisations. We thus believed that it was necessary to address the Balanced Scorecard separately.
  • BUSINESS PROCESS OPTIMISATION - We'll blueprint your requirements through a requirements gathering, business process analysis and business process re-engineering exercise to define your vision for the future of your company. Then we'll take this vision and use it to drive the development, configuration and customization of the ideal system to make it happen.
  • COACHING- using the Results Coaching Systems techniques, ideal for busy people – executives and professionals, we promote long term change through the facilitation and development of insights, focusing attention on new behaviors and putting supportive processes in place. We conduct one- on -one or team coaching conversations, sessions and engagements aimed at improving the quality of thinking and unlocking creativity for improved performance and delivery.
  • TRAINING- In recognition of the fact that intellectual capital has become a critical factor for competitive advantage, we provide support to organisations in their effort towards knowledge and skills acquisition for their workforce. We develop and deliver awareness building and short term skills in the areas of Performance Management, Trainer Development, Change Management, Team Development/leadership, Personal Effectiveness and others.
  • HR DELIVERY SUPPORT- we provide general assistance in business support and select human resources areas like review of policies, recruitment/resourcing, training and localization plans, Job description writing and profiling, competency model development and HR team development in performance consulting.