What is the Intent and Purpose of the RCA Framework?

The Rapid Change Agility™ Framework is an approach and process to enable change adaptability that underpins the relevance of people collaboration and alignment as input to business rapid change cycles, fostering continuous learning. Unlike the standard foundational change structured processes and methodologies, our Framework will  enable:

  • shorter problem-solving intervals in response to change;
  • faster, high-impact change solutions;
  • continuous anticipation and adapting to change;
  • continuous learning and adaptability;
  • improved people change risk focus; and
  • enabling a change agility mind-set.

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What is the Rationale and Purpose of the RTT approach?

The effective execution of your business strategy relies on the level of contribution that every individual in your business makes. Research proves there is a direct correlation between the level of engagement in an organisation and performance. The more informed, empowered and involved people are, the higher their level of commitment and contribution to organisational success.

The RTT will;

  • Solve daily / weekly performance constraints and risks more rapidly,
  • Elevate critical business matters and speed up  decisions on the resolution thereof,
  • Focus on priority topics (i.e. customer) daily / weekly,
  • Allow for innovation and continuous learning in a psychologically safe workplace.

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